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Improvement Activities Training

This training is designed to maximize your knowledge and skill in problem solving and improvement on Quality, Cost and Productivity. Most of the time, people will trouble shoot a problem by imagining what causes the problem to occur without doing an actual investigation. Without knowing the actual root causes, the countermeasures taken will have no effect at all to prevent the problem from recurrence.

When trouble-shooting a problem, we must always think of balancing the 3 most important factors (Quality, Cost and Productivity). Many people believes that by improving something, we must sacrifice another thing. For instance, boring free

Quality vs Cost (Improve Quality and Sacrifice Cost)
To improve quality, you may need to purchase some machines, equipment, parts, materials, subcontractor’s service, etc which incur additional cost.

In this training, we will show you how to improve quality without the need to incur high cost by practicing Pokayoke System, Work Allocation, Work Standardization and Work Balancing.

Productivity vs Quality (Improve Productivity and Sacrifice Quality)
Improving productivity (to speed up the process), quality will have to be sacrificed as workers are require to rush or work longer hours to meet target.

In this training, we will show you how to increase the productivity without the need to increase manpower and work extra hours by practicing Work Allocation, Work Balancing, Time Study and Layout Management.

Cost vs Quality (Reduction of Cost and Sacrifice Quality)
Cost-down (selling price) is one of the most important element for a customer to decide who to buy from. For instance, your manufacturing cost for a product is RM 5.00 per piece and selling price is RM 7.00 per piece. As such, you are getting a profit of RM 2.00 per piece. If your customer request a cost-down to RM 5.00 per piece, would you sell?. Most of the businessman would say “NO”. You will only say “YES” if you are able to reduce your manufacturing cost to below RM 5.00. Many companies will be able to reduce the cost by sourcing for cheaper materials, parts, reducing workforce, etc. However, by doing this, the quality standard would be affected due to lower-quality materials / parts, insufficient manpowers, etc.

In this training, we will show you how to cost down without the need to source for cheaper materials / parts and affecting quality by practicing Cost-Free Improvement, Pokayoke and Work Balancing.

It’s not only that, the whole process to eliminate the above obstacles to improve Quality, Productivity and Cost cover :

  • Team Management
  • Brainstorming Techniques
  • Objective and Target Management
  • Group Discussion Techniques
  • 5S Housekeeping
  • Time Management
  • Pokayoke (Mistake-Proof Improvement)
  • Pareto Tool
  • Root Cause Investigation Techniques & Tool
  • 3-GEN Principles
  • Movement Principles
  • Layout Management
  • Work Allocation and Balancing
  • Leadership / Supervisory Skills
  • Production Management
  • Waste Control
  • Work Standardization
  • Employer – Employee Relationship

This training is special and fully customized based on our experiences on what a company really needs.

Who Should Attend
Supervisory Level and Above

Number of Participants
6 participants (exact)

Training Duration
4 days (at customer’s premises)
(Can be separated into 2 sessions (2 days each) & included Saturday & Sunday)